Eva Fantasy Modeling

Investments I accept Currency and PayPal from new friends.

Investments must be presented within the first five minutes of our date. Alternative payment arrangements may be available for well established friends. If we are meeting in private, currency must be placed in a plain white unsealed envelope. If you are visiting my incall, please place the envelope on a table in plain view without referring to it and then excuse yourself to use the restroom. If I am coming to you, please have the envelope prepared and placed in plain sight in the restroom. If we are meeting in public, please place the white envelope in a gift bag, greeting card, book, or something else that is not terribly obvious, and present it to me without any verbal reference to it.

I have a few girlfriends who are a lot of fun and would be willing to accompany us on a date as long as proper investment is provided. If you are interested mention your desire in an email and I will schedule an appointment.

* Previous friends will be grandfathered in at previous investments if you have seen me within the year. If it has been longer then a year new investments set in.

Time Incall Outcall
1 Hour 600 700
*90 minutes preferred for first time clients* 900 1,000
2 Hours 1,300 1,400
3 Hours 1,700 1,900
4 Hour Dinner Date* 2,200 2,400
6 Hours 3,000 3,200
12 Hours 4,000 4,500
24 Hours 7,500 8,000

If you would like to add additional hours to the times listed above you would add 500 per hour. Thanks.

*Dinner Date

On a Dinner Date at least one 3rd of the 4 hour date will need to be spent at a social engagement, as in dinner, a show, art gallery, or a wine tasting with a 25% deposit to secure our time together.


*All outcalls will incur either travel or parking cost. Travel over 15 miles requires minimum 90 minute appointment and $150 travel charges.

*Tours to Greece require additional 200 to the above investments with prior notice please.

My investments are not negotiable and are for time spent in my company. Please do not embarrass yourself or me by attempting to negotiate my investments. I offer a variety of appointment types and various investment options. If my investments do not fit your budget then I am probably not the model for you.

"Fly me to you” dates, were I fly to your city exclusively for you for the time and date that works best for you.

  • 3 hour: 2,500
  • 4 hour Dinner Date: 3,000
  • 6: 4,000
  • 12 hour: 6,000
  • 24 hour: 9,000
  • 30% deposit is required to set this time aside for us.


New York investments

  • 1 hour: 800 - Incall & 900 - Outcall
  • 90 Min: 1,100 - Incall & 1,200 - Outcall *(Preferred for 1st time clients)*
  • 2 hour: 1,500 - Incall & 1,600 - Outcall
  • 3 hour: 2,000 - Incall & 2,200 - Outcall
  • 4 hour Dinner Date*: 2,400 - Incall & 2,600 - Outcall

PROPER ETIQUETTE Respect me and I will respect you

Please be sure to have your investment in an envelope unmarked in plain view, without mention of it within the first minutes of our meeting. Plain view means either place it on the dining room table or have it in a gift bag and politely hand it to me.

If we are at a hotel or at your place put the envelope in plain sight for me to collect. I should never feel the need to ask you for it. In the case the envelope is nowhere to be seen I will walk out and cancel our meeting.

Please be freshly showered and well groomed your 6am shower does not count as freshly showered. Mouth wash is always a plus or I have some, my private shower with fresh towels is always available for your use and I would suggest always freshening up. I pride myself on being super hygienic and expect you to be the same way.

If you are smoker please refrain from smoking for several hours prior and brushing and mouthwash are mandatory just prior to our meeting or once you have arrived. Last but not least hands I have no problem with manly hands just please be sure they are clean.

CONFIRMATION I am a busy woman

Please note that I do have a cancellation policy. If you must cancel with less than 48 hours notice, 50% of the investment is expected. If you must cancel with less than 24 hours notice, 100% of the investment is expected. No call no show are NOT OK and result in your information being posted on blacklist boards, please extend the courtesy of giving me sufficient notice if you have to cancel. My time like yours is valuable. Lastly, always be a gentleman by being kind and respectful at all times. Thank you. Xoxo

*Please be advised that any aggressive, shady or rude behavior that makes me uncomfortable will be the end of our date with no refunds*